Getting things done ! Lessons learnt !


Most of the people I meet these days are struggling to make choices about themselves and more about the future they would have. I am more of a logical person but I surely know karma is bitch.

I maybe rude with most people around but the golden rules in life are very straight forward – no one gives anything to anyone but you can have everything if you work hard towards achieving it.

Keeping to the rules I believe that everyone should have big, focused but optimistic goals instead of big dreams. I see people brag about their dreams but life values those with goals and a plan chart to achieve them. Big as in very ambitious, focused as in very clear to know if you want them or not and lastly optimistic as the journey to achieve them would change time to time. Plan less and take action is what I have learnt from my last various failures. It’s a long journey and no one can be perfect but you can achieve maximum if you have the right agenda in mind.

Few simple things that I have learnt may help anyone achieve there goals :

(1) Plan yourself for next five years. Make it challenging for yourself to achieve something then put it on the silver table. Keep the goals aligned to your career, family and friends.

(2) Focused on your weakness and try to improve yourself being a better person everyday.

(3) Focus on the positive part in your life and make it the fuel to travel through this journey.

(4) Don’t be a pussy and run away from your problems. Face them and fail for good. Failure is good and necessary to pump yourself for next round.

(5) Always learn from your mistakes and try not to repeat them.

(6) Keep personal and professional life way apart.

(7) have patience till the deal is closed. The fast shortcut route always has a price, if you are willing to pay then it’s your choice.

Hope this helps!

Off to the mountains this weekend! Will post photos soon on Instagram 

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